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Friday, February 9  7:00PM -- 10:00PM
Presented by Julianna Biernacki

So excited to hand the studio over to Julianna for this amazing show in February!



Similar to Picassos monochromatic use of blue during his blue period, "An Unconventional Hue" is using chartreuse as its muse. A colour that combines the vitality of green with the energy and optimism of yellow. This colour is so different, it had to learn the power of acceptance, a colour loved for its individuality. Chartreuse was named after the French liquor of the same name and was originally a recipe only made by monks- nicknamed “elixir of long life.”  In the dead of winter- in the cold hurls of February, isn’t the elixir of long life what we need? Something to revitalize us, bring us a breath of new life.  An Unconventional Hue follows along this same ethos, by using this colour, one of an absurd brightness and uncommonness, to bring a new life to a cold season. We are finding convention in the unconventional and using this hue as our guide through this exhibition.

Julianna Biernacki (b. 1999) is a textile based artist with a focus on rug tufting working out of Hamilton, ON, but from Welland, ON. Biernacki received her BFA from McMaster University in Studio Arts (2021) with a minor in English and Literature. Julianna now practices out of her studio in the Cotton Factory, teaches rug tufting classes at the Hamilton Craft Studio, teaches punch needle classes out of Durand Coffee and runs an artist talk series at Rooney’s coffee shop called “Open Window”. 

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